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MT thoughts

The Bloomsbury Ministry Team (MT) are a creative bunch, and have been known to write prayers, short stories, poems, meditations, hymns and the like. Mostly these are for use within our church context, but we share them here in the hope that they might be of interest and use to those beyond our fellowship.

Please feel free to use them. Our only request is that they are correctly attributed, and that occasionally you drop us a line to let us know how they are being received.

Superhero Moses

Emily Davidson centenary

Imago Dei

A square peg in a round hole

Prayer of approach

The parable of the theatre

A responsive prayer of intercession

A prayer of confession

A prayer for a church anniversary

A prayer of intercession

Prayers of confession for a racial justice service

A wedding! And going public… by Ruth: We have had a wedding at church today. For a glimpse, see here And, once the celebration inside finished, it moved outside - drummers… Read more
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