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Photo of horse and carriage outside Bloomsbury
Our history

Bloomsbury has been a centre for the worship of God and service to people in the heart of London for almost 160 years. In these pages, Faith Bowers tells the story of the church, from its original beginnings in the 19th century, through to its new beginnings in the 21st.

The story is told in six episodes…

A church with two spires
Consecrated commonsense
The new century, and the wars
The sixties come to Bloomsbury
A Fair Trade church
2006 and beyond

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Why are we Baptists?

Hiatus…. by Ruth: There was an interesting discussion in the foyer earlier this week; is the plural of "hiatus" "hiatuses" or "hiatii"? This was provoked by the realisation that, for various reasons beyond our control,… Read more
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